Our Story.

Founded by two friends in Melbourne who have become increasingly conscious of the economic, social and environmental impacts of what they consume.

As regular event and music festival goers, the large volumes of unnecessary waste didn't go unnoticed, or the fact that certain wastes such as single-use disposable cups could realistically be preventable. This led to the thought, "There must be a better way!" and after researching alternatives and designing the necessary systems, the decision was made to create bettercup.

bettercup is dedicated to creating fun and simple environmental solutions that reduce unnecessary waste.

Bettercup Sam and Christie

Our Values.

We don’t think that our products completely solve the issue of waste, but we do believe bettercup is step in the right direction for the environment. To that end, we're committed to continuously learning and improving our products and services as improved solutions and technologies become viable.

We're dedicated to doing better and doing what is right.

keep it real.

be genuine and authentic in our approach with everyone we deal with.

think locally.

partner with locally owned or operated suppliers who are like minded in their approach to sustainability.


work together.

provide creative solutions so that all events, the community and the environment win because then we win too. 

make an impact.

reduce single use disposable waste at the source by creating better alternatives.

live better.

think one step ahead and make decisions that will have a longer lasting positive impact than we will.

Bettercup Co-founders - Sam and Christie


Co-founders - Sam and Christie

We met over 12 years ago on a dance floor and have been friends ever since; bonding over things such as op-shopping, escape room challenges and cruelty-free beauty products.

Lovers of all things music, hospitality and entertainment related, we are united in our belief that there is an opportunity for positive change to many events and festivals in a way that educates a diverse range of audiences about sustainable behaviour and improves the event experience for organisers and attendees alike.

Want to create a memorable experience together for your event or venue, talk about partnerships or have a fun cup idea to share? 

Get in touch with us below.