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We create reusable cups and provide services to eliminate single-use waste from events and venues.

Designed for a sustainable future.


Create Change.

With Australia's thriving entertainment scene and society's increasing appetite for environmental innovation, it makes sense to implement reusable systems that reduce waste at the source without negatively affecting the operations of an event. 

Reusable Cups.

Our reusable event cups are designed with optimal reuse in mind! Check out your options and see what we can create for you.

Reusable Services

Washing, drying, logistics. . . how does it all work? Where do you start? Find out how we can help you, problem solving is what we do best!

Cup Subscriptions.

Run a food truck, mobile bar, or have a long running event but a limited budget? Have limited time to wash and store cups? We have an option available for you.

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Our Impact.

bettercup reduces the amount of waste produced at events and venues by applying four of the foundational principles of the waste hierarchy.