Reusable Services.

We work with all types customers to find a bespoke reusable solution.

Bettercup Customers

So what can we help you with?


Reusable Cups.

Generic designs or customised reusable cups for hire or purchase. They can bear any design such as the logo and colours of a sponsor or those of your event and festival. Whatever takes your fancy really!

Washing and Drying Solutions.

Bettercup works with event and festival organisers to create custom washing and drying solutions either onsite or offsite. We take the time to ensure your reusable cup system is implemented in the most efficient and successful way to ensure a fun and seamless experience for all.

Collection and Storage.

Done with your reusable cups and not sure what to do next? No worries, we'll collect them for you. Any broken or unwanted cups will be re-purposed into other products ( e.g flower pots, wheelie bins) or if you would like to use them again at a later date, we can store them safely in our Melbourne warehouse until next time!


Onsite Management.

Bettercup experts can be with you onsite for training, inventory management, overseeing staff or volunteers and ensuring all systems are running smoothly.

Post-Event Reuse Reports.

How did your event go with its reusable cups and system? We can generate reports to see how you went, help guide decisions for the future and identify areas for further innovation.

All of it and everything in between.

We get it, there are so many other things to think about when planning your event or festival! Let us consult with you, create a proposal and take care of it all in one package.

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